Business Values

InSubit prides itself on our values - values that reflect the way our people work, think and act, that are ultimately part of the Constructive Solutions for our customers.

The values to which we aspire include;


    InSubit believes safety is paramount with respect to InSubit’s products and our interactions with customers


    InSubit delivers on our promises to customers and delights in exceeding their expectations


    InSubit works closely with our customers from many diverse geographical, cultural & political backgrounds.

    InSubit is motivated by our mutual interest in the global construction market and respects different backgrounds and beliefs

    Mutual Trust

    InSubit believes in open, long-term relationships delivering mutual value


    InSubit will continue our investment in people to ensure that our knowledge of innovative solutions is contemporary in an ever changing world


    InSubit is proud of our company and its heritage, and we want to deliver future success of our own business through our customers’ successes and through excellent customer relationships