active in attractive growth markets

We have a clear strategy. We will continue to drive client’s value through being a leading, customer-centric business, focused on long-term speciality chemicals for construction and industry, providing complete systems and problem solutions.

This means finding, acquiring and retaining valuable customers for mutual and sustained financial benefit.

    Our goal

    Building Trust – Insubit's Strategy 2019

    The Insubit Growth Model ensures the long-term success and the profitable growth of our company.

    We aim for global technology and market leadership in speciality chemicals for constructions and industry through cross selling, life-cycle management and the strengthening of our brand.

    Delivered through

  • Trusted Brand

  • Technology and innovation

  • Customer insight, access and service capability

  • Superior investment performance

We will continue to invest in our trusted brand to generate valuable customer loyalty and a predisposition to buy from us. Advanced use of new technology will help us drive rapid innovation in our propositions and enable a market-leading, cost-efficient operation. Our recognised capabilities in accessing and communicating with customers, on both sales and service, and our outstanding relationships with intermediaries, will be core to our ongoing success.