Our aim is to secure a sustainable, prosperous future for our business and to meet the needs of all those who rely on us to do the right thing.

Our Sustainability priorities

Sustainability runs through every aspect of our business, it is integral to our company strategy. From the products and services we offer and the approach we take to investing on our clients' behalf, to the environmental and community impact of our operations, we take a long term view of the risks and opportunities facing us. This helps us to secure a sustainable, prosperous future for our business and to meet the needs of all those who rely on us to do the right thing.

To understand the priority sustainability issues affecting our organisation it is important that we understand the issues and opportunities in the world around us.

Our current sustainability priorities are summarised below, however we are currently carrying out a process to ensure these priorities continue to be the right focus for our business going forward.

Listening and responding to customers

Our aim is to build long-term customer relationships and trust through continuous two-way engagement. Putting customers at the heart of our work means we need to keep listening, responding and developing our understanding of their individual wants and needs. We also use our many years of experience to educate and support our customers around key decisions and transition points in their lives.

Developing and engaging our people

We want to help our people reach their potential so we focus on investment in leadership, talent and skills development, and ensuring our people have the right tools for the job. We also strongly promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Contributing to our communities

Our community investment focus is on employability. To us, this is about working to help improve the opportunities that people are afforded in society. We also ensure our charity partnerships and volunteering makes best use of our skills and expertise, and creates development opportunities for our people.

Protecting the environment

We have some long standing targets to lower our carbon footprint through minimising our use of resources such as energy (including fuel for transport), water and waste. We continue to promote behavioural change by increasing awareness, and make better use of tools and technologies to minimise our impact on the environment. For more information on what we are doing to protect our environment.

Operating and growing responsibly

In order to be around for the long term we focus on managing our capital effectively; growing in a sustainable way; and operating efficiently, effectively and responsibly. We also aim to use our influence as a large company to drive the sustainability agenda by promoting responsible Environmental, Social and Governance behaviours in the companies we invest in and with our suppliers.